Mobile Communication

Call Termination

VoIP calls to Mobile network

High and standardized international communication rates drive operators worldwide to search around for competitive advantages in order to offer better rates to the market.

To achieve this goal, one of their most critical levers is to reduce call termination costs to local mobile networks in the various territories that they have in their offering portfolio.

iQsim’s Call Termination solution is born from more than 15 years of experience in Virtual SIM Management and GSM Gateways to offer the most advanced and flexible solution to terminate voice calls worldwide while maximizing revenues made out of the call termination and bulk SMS business.

The solution is based on 3 components:

  • IRON Suite software infrastructure, which manages GSM Gateways and SIM cards;
  • SIM racks which stores physical local SIM cards;
  • 2G/3G GSM Gateways.

The IRON Suite is a set of SIM plan «centrix» software components. IRON Suite centrally manages SIM card lifecycle through the steps of Allocation, Routing, Protection, Monitoring and Credit Control thanks to the IRON eVS© technology.


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  • Unique IRON eVS© Technology for efficient SIM cards management
  • Advanced SIM card protection (Dynamic HBS, Call filtering)
  • Optimized call routing to increase ASR and ACD
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