advanced SIM routing

Do you need information about advanced SIM routing? iQsim has innovative  solutions for Mobile Communication Routers  deployment.

iQsim's IRON Suite provides advanced SIM routing for wholesale termination. Key benefits include call routing with the most appropriate SIM card, dynamic central blacklisting, real-time robot dialer protection, and white and grey route management. The Service Controller component manages call admission and call-to-SIM routing, it has real-time knowledge of available GSM ports per provider per site. GSM gateways or Communication Routers adjust call routing based on information about faulty ports or unregistered SIMs : this greatly improves PDD and ASR, allowing you to sell high quality routes to customers.

Advanced SIM routing to maximise revenue and improve the quality of your service

IRON SIM Server One is specifically designed for GSM termination and provides innovative value-added functions to your Mobile Communication Routers. This GSM termination solution is ideal for internet telephony service providers who require reliable and efficient SIM management software. IRON SIM Server One provides an efficient GSM SIP gateway connector. iQsim provides industry leading solutions enabling Cost-Reduction, Mobile Call & Bulk SMS Termination and Mobile Automation for Operators and Enterprises of all sizes.

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9 March 2016
iQsim introduces the M250, the first ever 3G/4G Mobile Gateway

The M250 is a new 4/8 ports 3G Mobile Gateway dedicated for Call termination and Bulk SMS applications.

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