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Looking for call termination wholesale VOIP services? See what iQsim has to offer.

iQsim is a European company with headquarters in France that offers call termination wholesale VOIP services to providers worldwide. Rather than using PSTN, VOIP allows users to transmit voice communication via the internet. However, high communication rates drive operators worldwide to search around for better rates on the market. With competitive advantages and rates to counter high, standardised international communication rates, iQsim allows you to offer wholesale termination to international operators through SIM Management Solutions with exceptional SIM capacity, allocation, protection and Qos.

IRON Suite for high-quality, low-cost call termination

Launched in September 2009, iQsim's IRON Suite provides competitive call termination wholesale VOIP services. In fact, it was awarded the Prix de l'Innovation TIC PACA 2009. IRON Suite includes advanced GSM routing, international call termination and remote SIM control to answer the needs of both local and international service providers to maximise revenue and improve the quality of services. iQsim was founded in 2009 by former QuesCom employees, and is headed up by Philippe Bessaguet, who also founded QuesCom in 1999. The entire team is dedicated to creativity, innovation and customer satisfaction.

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