dynamic SIM allocation

Do you need a web interface for dynamic SIM allocation? IRON SIM Manager is a SIM card solution for wholesale termination.

IRON SIM Manager centralises SIM cards in one place and uses and intuitive and powerful web interface for dynamic SIM allocation to GSM devices based on advanced rules. IRON SIM Manager was designed to manage a large number of SIM cards, providing everything you need to offer customers a professional call termination solution. Key benefits include multi-account and multi-user support and QoS dynamic control

Effective partitioning for dynamic SIM allocation

SIM Manager can be partitioned for multiple users managing one of the partitions of the system, providing leverage to your business by offering customers hosting capabilities for their gateways and SIM in privacy. IRON SIM Manager ensures you always use the right SIM card at the right time for efficient SIM card management and SIM card protection on a gsm SIM server. SIM Manager has knowledge of available SIMs stored in the SIM racks, and SIM selection and rotation are done through various, advanced criteria, guaranteeing the highest quality service for your customers.

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26 November 2015
iQsim advanced GSM and SMS gateways are joining First Telecom’s product portfolio

First Telecom announces the signature of a distribution agreement with iQsim for the South East European market.

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