GSM call termination

Are you looking for information about GSM call termination? iQsim's IRON Call Manager provides advanced SIM routing for wholesale termination.

The IRON Call Manager has been specifically designed for GSM Call termination, and enables users to maximise revenue and improve the quality of service for customers by providing functions to GSM deployment and centralising key routing decisions based on auto-learning and information received from SIM Manager. This component of IRON Suite manages call admission and call to SIM routing, and keeps track of all calling and called numbers to build an acceptance database.

Efficient GSM call termination thanks to a comprehensive database

The IRON Call Manager database contains crucial information on numbers and their profiles, and can refuse a number if it is not allocated, or can route a number to the most appropriate SIM card. This dynamic routing is carried out automatically by IRON Call Manager. iQsim enables GSM gateway manufacturer providing internet telephony service providers with advanced gsm routing thanks to its efficient software suite. iQsim was founded by former employees of QuesCom in 2009, and has headquarters in France and offices in Mexico.

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11 March 2015

Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall.

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