GSM SIM server

Where can you find a reliable GSM SIM server? iQsim has extensive experience in the wholesale termination market.

iQsim is a leading provider of GSM SIM server platforms and virtual SIM technologies. Its flagship product, IRON Suite, is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of gateways and machine-to-machine devices. IRON SIM Manager, a component of the IRON Suite, loads the most adapted SIM cards to GSM gateways according to the time of day, and a comprehensive web-based interface enables you to manage the SIM allocation based on intuitive rules.

A GSM SIM server with an easy and powerful web-based management

With iQsim’s management solution, SIM cards are not located in GSM gateways but centralized in one place. In fact, all management operations are done from a central site, even if GSM gateways are deployed in several locations, or even across several countries. With advanced GSM routing for the call termination market, iQsim provides cellular gateways with quick and easy SIM management thanks to its IRON Suite of software. Since its launch in 2009, the IRON Suite has been massively adopted by ITSPs.

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9 March 2016
iQsim introduces the M250, the first ever 3G/4G Mobile Gateway

The M250 is a new 4/8 ports 3G Mobile Gateway dedicated for Call termination and Bulk SMS applications.

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Mobile World Congress 2016
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