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Do you need a reliable service for internet service telephony providers? iQsim has extensive experience in the telecommunications industry.

iQsim launched its IRON Suite, a scalable software platform, in 2009 to supply Internet Service Telephony Providers (ITSP) with a complete SIM Management solution for telecommunication services. This European company designs software architecture for service providers and operators to enable them to efficiently manage their telecommunication services, and it recently launched IRON Suite version 1.20, which boasts new features such as multi-level delegated administration and sophisticated network quality measurement.

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The release of IRON Suite 1.20 is a significant step for iQsim, allowing internet service telephony providers to operate a large number of SIM cards remotely. With advanced experience in the call termination business, iQsim specializes in mobile call termination thanks to its GSM gateway hardware. The IRON Suite is a set of three components packaged in appliances providing high scalability and redundancy: IRON SIM Manager for telecom applications and appliances; Call Manager to control telecom appliances and usage; and Profile Manager to optimize telecom resources usage with real-time analysis.

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9 March 2016
iQsim introduces the M250, the first ever 3G/4G Mobile Gateway

The M250 is a new 4/8 ports 3G Mobile Gateway dedicated for Call termination and Bulk SMS applications.

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