VoIP call termination

Looking for a reliable VoIP call termination solution? See what iQsim has to offer!

As a leader on the VoIP call termination market thanks to its innovative call termination solutions, iQsim caters to large groups and small companies, providing everything customers need with its software and online packages. Companies are able to control call termination remotely thanks to iQsim’s Hosted IRON Suite, and are assured of lower rates for high-quality services. With both local and international VoIP call termination services, iQsim also provides support through its website, and also gives you access to its partner QuesCom’s support services.

A leading solution in the VoIP call termination business

iQsim is a customer-oriented company set up by former employees of QuesCom and a leader on virtual SIM technologies and sim server platforms. Specializing in call termination wholesale voip this leading company on the call termination market provides reliable gsm to voip gateway services for internet telephony service providers worldwide. In December 2009, iQsim was awarded the Prix de l’Innovation TIC PACA 2009 by PoleSCS in recognition of the quality of its products.

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11 March 2015

Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall.

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MVNOs World Congress 2015
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