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Where can you find information about cellular gateways? iQsim bundles GSM Gateways with itq IRON Suite.

iQsim bundles cellular gateways with its IRON Suite for professional mobile call termination. QuesCom 400 GSM gateways, an easy and powerful web based management tool, provides dynamic IP support for Tri-band, Quad-band or UMTS modules, and can be equipped with up to 16 GSM or UMTS engines. GSM Gateways are fully compatible with IRON Suite Management Solution and can be fully configured and deployed with IRON Call Manager, an advanced SIM routing service for wholesale termination.

Cellular gateways to maximise revenue and improve the quality of services

Call Manager provides call routing with the most appropriate SIM and innovative value-added functions to GSM gateways' deployment. With dynamic routing based on Auto Learning and dynamic SIM allocation for a highly reliable gsm to voip gateway, iQsim provides wholesale sms termination at competitive rates to answer the needs of service providers worldwide. Call Manager has a real-time visibility of GSM port statuses and supports both H.323 and SIP protocols SIMultaneously, offering you the flexibility to adapt to your customers' legacy VoIP routers.

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11 March 2015

Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall.

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