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FS400 Fax & SMS Router

All-in-one Enterprise Fax & SMS Solution



All-in-one Enterprise Fax & SMS Solution

The FS400, iQsim’s Fax and SMS Communication Router, provides a simple, stand-alone and cost effective solution for enterprises looking to reduce fax related costs and its environmental impact and to develop SMS (Short Message Service) as a communication channel to their customers.



Key Functionalities

FS400 Fax & SMS Communication Router enables the following services:

  • Send and receive Fax and SMS directly from your desktop email client
  • Receive Fax and SMS delivery notifications directly to your email application
  • Client-less, fast & easy to install
  • Reduce costs, improve confidentiality and enhance your customer experience
  • Administrative Web Interface for anywhere, anytime management




FS 400, Fax & SMS Solution

Simultaneous Fax

Up to 16

Simultaneous SMS

24 SMS/minute

Fax sending & Receiving

Via Email (PDF attachement only)

SMS Sending & Receiving

Via Email

Fax Receipt


SMS Delivery Notification


 Max number of recipients per email


 Max number of users

 Unlimited up to 250

 ISDN Interfaces

 1 PRI or 4/8 BRI

 Wireless Interfaces

 4 GSM channels

 Internal Storage

 16 Gb Compact Flash


 Web interface & configuration wizard


 FoIP support *


 SMPP, T.37
* Validated with Alcatel Omni PCX Enterprise R8.0, Cisco UC 500 V8.0, Cisco Call Manager V8.0.




  • Ease of use
    Sending and receiving Fax and SMS is as easy as sending and receiving emails.
  • Cost saving
    The use of email instead of physical fax machines, saves time, Fax related materials such as paper and ink and eliminates or reduces the need to maintain a fax machine. The ability to communicate with your clients via SMS can save a significant amount of time and money spent on calls.
  • Improve confidentiality
    Documents are sent and received directly to your email box and are no longer accessible to all in the fax machine tray.
  • Transparent
    Compatible with any email (SMTP) system, such as Microsoft Outlook, and it does not require desktop modifications or add-ons.
  • Direct Database connectivity
    IT Department can easily connect their databases and planning tools with the FS400. Would you want to send SMS to confirm appointments ? Name, place, day and time are send on the day before the meeting.
  • Enhance your customer experience
    The ability to use SMS as a simple and cost effective way to inform your customers, strengthen the enterprise value and its customer’s loyalty.


Configuration Flexibility

The FS400 allows for the following two implementation setups:


Fax & SMS with PBX Voice Pass-through Setup


In this configuration, all incoming and out going Telephony & Fax traffic is going through the FS400: all incoming calls are routed to the enterprise PBX while all outgoing calls are routed from the PBX to the FS400 which transparently routes them to the PSTN.

All Fax & SMS traffic is handled by the FS400 without any involvment of the PBX. This configuration allows the enterprise to have multiple virtual fax numbers for sending and receiving fax (for example, management Fax, accounting department fax, sales department fax, etc). All fax and SMS are sent and received via the enterprise email application already installed on the desktops.



Fax & SMS with dedicated PBX link Setup


In the above configuration setup, all incoming and outgoing voice traffic do not go through the Fax & SMS Communication Router and is entirely handled by the enterprise PBX. Fax calls identified by the PBX will be routed to the FS400 for treatment and will be delivered to the appropriate receiptient via email.

The FS400 provides the Fax and SMS services via the enterprise desktop email application. BRI or PRI connections between the FS400 and the PBX are required in order to send and receive Fax via the PSTN.
Up to 4 simultaneous SMS messages can be sent and received via the enterprise email application for a throughput of up to 24 SMS messages per minute.



1 October 2016
IQSIM announces distribution agreement with FL-Connect

The worldwide sole distribution agreement covers the renowned voice termination GSM Gateways and IRON Suite's SIM Server.

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