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Tuesday, 9th October 2012

iQsim announces the FS400 Fax & SMS Communication Router.

iQsim announces today the availability of its new FS400 Fax & SMS Communication Router for the enterprise market.

The new product is the first resulting from iQsim’s acquisition of QuesCom and is targeting the enterprise market with virtual Fax capabilities and SMS communications. The stand-alone solution enables sending and receiving Fax and SMS messages via the enterprise email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, installed on employees’ desktops.   

“The FS400 Fax & SMS Communication Router provides a “plug and play”, stand-alone solution, for enterprises looking to reduce Fax related costs and enhance their customer’s experience and loyalty using SMS as an additional communication channel”, says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. “This product is the first iQsim Product targeting the Enterprise market since QuesCom acquisition.”

The  FS400 Fax & SMS Communication Router is a stand-alone appliance providing the ability to send and receive fax and SMS message via the enterprise email desktop clients. Multiple virtual Fax machines can be defined (each for every department, for example), eliminating the need to install and maintain real fax machines. With 4 GSM ports, the FS400 allows the sending and receiving of SMS messages and delivery notifications to enhance communication with the enterprise’s customers and suppliers.

Easy and fast to install, the solution does not require any additional software on the enterprise desktops of email servers, and provides BRI and PRI interfaces for PSTN and PBX connectivity.   

“The ability to provide both Virtual fax and SMS communication channel in the same product makes the FS400 attractive as a cost reduction enabler, and a tool to enhance the way the enterprise communicates with its environment”, says Laurent Lhermitte, Vice-President of Sales. “A simple, plug & play, all-in-one product, makes the FS400 an obvious choice for both small and large enterprises."