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Who will be Entrepreneur de l’Année 2013 ?

August 2013 - Source: CCI Nice CA

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Why Choose a SIM Server with Less Capacity?

July 2013 - Source:

There’s no upside to a SIM server with reduced capacity, which is why a solution such as iQsim’s IRON SIM Server One just makes sense.

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The Heart of M2M is SIM Technology

June 2013 - Source:

Machine to machine (M2M) technology enables computers, mobile devices and smart sensors to communicate between each other, take measurements and share information without any human interaction. M2M connections would reach up to 70 million by 2018.

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SIM Server Solutions Provider Upgrades Website

June 2013 - Source:

Founded in 2009, iQsim, a provider of SIM management solutions, is becoming one of the leading providers of Bulk SMS Solutions, SIM Network Servers and Mobile Termination in the telecom industry.

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12 May 2014
iQsim introduces the R250, a new Mobile Robot for Mobile Automation applications

iQsim announces today the availability of its new Mobile Robot, iQsim R250, for Mobile Automation applications.

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