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With 95% of all SMS messages read within 5 minutes of being sent, the usage of SMS as a business tool is considered to be 5 times more responsive than tools such as direct mailing. As it gains importance and volume as a business communication channel, Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) , Mobile Terminators and marketing companies expand their services portfolio to terminate millions of SMS messages at a low price.

iQsim’s Bulk SMS solution is an end-to-end scalable platform capable to send millions of SMS per day with a high-level of service and an optimized cost.

SMS Gateways are deployed SIM-less and SIM cards are stored into SIM Racks in order to always use the most appropriate SIM card and maximize revenues made out of the bulk SMS business.

The solution is based on 3 components:

  • IRON Suite software infrastructure, which manages SMS Gateways and SIM cards;
  • SIM racks which stores physical local SIM cards;
  • 2G/3G SMS Gateways.

The IRON Suite is a set of SIM plan «centrix» software components. IRON Suite centrally manages SIM card lifecycle through the steps of Allocation, Routing, Protection, Monitoring and Credit Control thanks to the IRON eVS© technology.

  • Always use Best SIM for cost optimization
  • Manage notification, Delivery Report, OPT OUT and STOP messages
  • Highly scalable architecture: Millions on SMS routing
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