Management Team


Philippe Bessaguet  

Philippe Bessaguet

Philippe is the CEO of iQsim. He and a team of experienced former employees of QuesCom founded the company in April 2009.

In 1999, Philippe was a co-founder of QuesCom where he set the product direction and strategy of the company until 2009. He was also the CEO of Quescom’s subsidiary 2G Technologies from 2003 until it was sold in 2007 to Memobox. Prior to QuesCom, Philippe held several management positions with Alcatel Data Networks Division and Synaptel (Interphase Corporation), a European leader in communication adapters. Previously, Philippe worked at Nortel France as Sales and Pre-Sales Manager.

Philippe graduated from Ecole Supérieure Électronique de l’Ouest in 1986.

Yvon Le Gall 

Yvon Le Gall

Yvon is heading the Sales team within iQsim.

He joined iQsim in 2013 and developed the sales in Middle-East and Africa.
Previously, he worked for Andersen Consulting and he spent more than a decade in IBM holding various international roles in sales, operations and M&A.

Yvon graduated and earned an Executive MBA from ISC Paris (Institut Supérieur de Commerce) in 2008.


Marc Lorenzi  

Marc Lorenzi

Marc is heading Operations and Product Marketing of iQsim.

He integrated QuesCom in 2003 as pre-sales manager and then as Product Manager for QuesCom SIM Management products. In 2000, he was responsible on deploying Xevo Corporation software for large Telco in Europe.

Previously he joined Shiva Corporation (acquired by Intel Corporation) as pre-sales engineer for European Service Providers.

Marc graduated from ESSI (Ecole Superieure en Sciences Informatiques) in 1994.

Miodrag Bazdar

Miodrag Bazdar

Miodrag is heading R&D and Customers Services within iQsim.

He joined QuesCom in 2000 as R&D group manager and then as R&D director. He was responsible for development of GSM Gateways.

He was previously R&D manager at ARN Informatique.

Miodrag graduated and earned MS degree form University of Belgrade Faculty of Electrical Engineering in 1986.


9 March 2016
iQsim introduces the M250, the first ever 3G/4G Mobile Gateway

The M250 is a new 4/8 ports 3G Mobile Gateway dedicated for Call termination and Bulk SMS applications.

Wholesale World Congress
Wholesale World Congress
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