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Wednesday, 3rd March 2010

iQsim launch its new flagship product : IRON Suite

IRON Suite is a modular software platform enabling service providers to manage telecom services. The IRON Suite provides to Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) a complete SIM Management solution for mobile call termination. Packaged with IP/GSM Gateways and SIM Racks, the IRON Suite provides the capability to provision, control and protect SIM cards used for wholesale call termination.

IRON Suite innovates with its highly scalable architecture which fits local small national providers and large providers needs" said Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. "The feedback from our first beta customers is extremely positive, they are very enthusiastic about the IRON Suite and its ability to leverage new value-added telecom services» Philippe said.

IQsim packages its IRON Suite on telecom appliances or as a Software as a Service (SaaS). iQsim’s target is to position its IRON Suite on new market segments such as helping Mobile Service Providers to actively test the quality of mobile services abroad.

"The multiplicity of new service providers force them to differentiate their service offering while maximizing their capital investment, this is what the IRON Suite allows” says Laurent Lhermitte, VP Sales & Marketing.

iQsim showcases it’s IRON Suite on ITExpo, booth #725


About iQsim

European company founded in April 2009, iQsim designs software architecture to enable Service Providers and Operators to efficiently manage their telecommunication services.
iQsim flagship product, IRON Suite, is a set of 3 components packaged in appliances providing high scalability and redundancy:

  • IRON SIM Manager does intelligent provisioning on telecom applications and appliances,
  • IRON Call Manager controls telecom appliances access and usage,
  • IRON Profile Manager optimizes telecom resources usage with real-time analysis.

iQsim is headquartered in the south of France with offices in Paris and Mexico.

For further information, visit iQsim website