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Wednesday, 7th September 2011

iQsim launches its new IRON SIM Server One


The IRON SIM Server One is an all-in-one product which provides state-of-the-art SIM Server features such as SIM Allocation and SIM Protection and also includes SIM cards storage capacity. Whether you use prepaid or postpaid SIM cards, it selects the most appropriate SIM card according to criterias such as credit, type of service, country, and operator in order to ensure that you always take out the best of your SIM cards.

 “We complement our SIM Management offering with this Ready-to-Go SIM Server product” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. “The goal of the IRON SIM Server One was to offer a simple product, easy to deploy and manage. First customer feedbacks show that we have over-achieved our objectives!” Philippe says.

The IRON SIM Server One embeds iQsim’s IRON Suite technology known as leading SIM Management solution to allocate the most appropriate Virtual SIM cards to GSM devices based on usage, time and price plans criteria.
Combined with iQsim’s GSM gateways, the IRON SIM Server One provides a complete solution for building a small to medium Call and SMS termination network.

Simple, but features rich! IRON SIM Server One’s key differentiators compared to standard offerings include Human Behavior Simulation (HBS) functions and full automatic pre-paid SIM cards management (SIM cards activation, credit limit enforcement, credit synchronization, top-up and credit transfer).

 “With our IRON SIM Server One, we target customers who want to start professional Call or SMS termination business quickly and safely, with a low but long-term investment” says Laurent Lhermitte, Vice-President of Sales. “


The IRON SIM Server One manages up to 256 GSM ports and embeds the capability to store 416 SIM cards and capacity can be increased up to 2 496 SIMs with additional SIM Racks.

For customers who require additional scalability, they can leverage their investment by upgrading their IRON SIM Server One to IRON Suite.



 European company, iQsim is the leading provider of SIM Server platform and Virtual SIM technologies. iQsim IRON Suite is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of GSM devices and gateways.

iQsim’s value is to propose innovative solutions on the mobile voice and data termination, mobile testing and M2M (machine to machine) markets.

The company is headquarted in Sophia-Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris (France) Mexico City (Mexico) and Miami FL (USA).


For further information, visit iQsim website