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Monday, 12th May 2014

iQsim introduces the R250, a new Mobile Robot for Mobile Automation applications


iQsim announces today the availability of its new Mobile Robot, iQsim R250, for Mobile Automation applications.


iQsim’s R250 provides an unattended and automated test & script execution platform in a GSM/3G/4G mobile environment. Used in Mobile QoS & QoE (Quality of Experience) Testing, Revenue Assurance, Mobile Credit Recharge Automation and many more, the R250 Mobile Robot provides a platform for open, flexible & versatile automated scripts execution.  

“With the proliferation of smart phones and tablets and the availability of new applications and services delivered via mobile domain, Network Operators and Enterprises want to provide customer satisfaction while maximizing their revenue”, says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. “The R250 Mobile Robot enhances our product portfolio with a smaller footprint robot to cover mobile automation applications that require wider deployments at optimized ­­cost.

iQsim’s R250 Mobile Robot is a Linux-based, open platform, providing the execution of mobile test & automation scripts via a command-based interface or via a set of APIs for specific operator & enterprise development. It supports up to 8 channels 2G/3G/4G and Virtual SIM technology.

 “The R250 Mobile Robot answers our customer’s needs to get a smaller device ensuring a better test coverage capability”, says Laurent Lhermitte, Vice-President of Sales. “QoS Testing for MNOs and billing scenario checking for Revenue Assurance are the main applications targeted, however thanks to its advanced scripting capabilities and openness, the R250 mobile robot will definitely address a larger scope of mobile applications testing needs.”