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Wednesday, 11th March 2015

iQsim and Claricall announce the launch of IRON Cloud Services, the first hosted SIM server on the market

Dubai, Capacity Middle-East 2015: iQsim and Claricall announce today the launch of the first hosted SIM server available as cloud-based hosted services .

This offering called IRON Cloud Services is using the VMware version of IRON Suite the award winning product of iQsim. Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall. This partnership already allowed customers, all over the world, to use a reliable and optimized architecture for voice transportation.

“Iron Cloud Services takes care of the complexity of Mobile Termination daily operations by ensuring correct configuration of server components. These services allow our customers to quickly start and expand their operations for a fast return on investment. ” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim. IRON Cloud Services is now available through monthly or quarterly contracts.

The IRON Cloud Services are a comprehensive set of features which all together manage the entire SIM cards lifecycle through processes including: activation, allocation, routing, protection, monitoring and recharge. These features are based on the high-end cloud computing VMware technology.

With Iron Cloud Services we deliver a complete set of managed services through the technical expertise of our support teams based in UK, Dubai and Sydney and backed by iQsim. This offering is perfect for customers who start with a small size network and want to reach the highest level of control and quality of service” explains Jonathan Nelson, CEO of Claricall.


About iQsim

iQsim is the leading manufacturer of Mobile Routers on voice, SMS, data services for Mobile Communications and Mobile Testing markets.

Key benefits of iQsim’s mobile routers is to embed remote SIM technology which consist on deploying SIM-less mobile routers, centralizing SIM cards in a SIM Server and allocating those SIM cards dynamically to the mobile routers.

iQsim solutions enable service providers and integrators :

  • to deliver cost effective services on roaming data, voice and SMS communications,
  • to build mobile test platforms on top of a set of APIs for QoS/QoE, Roaming, Revenue Assurance or Coverage testing.

iQsim is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris, London, Sao Paulo.


 About Claricall

Claricall is a joint-venture between VOIPEX and GMS VOIPMONSTER which have combined forces to deliver a truly new class of network to Voice and Data users alike, but one that will optimize all Voice traffic whilst protecting its integrity.

With offices in the UK, Middle East and Australia Claricall is located correctly to deliver world class support. The network has POPS in a growing number of countries starting off with UK, Germany, USA, Brazil, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Another 50 countries will be added in the next few months.

Voipex is the company that created ViBE and has continually developed it to make it the world’s most popular VPN for Voice traffic.

GMS VoIP Monster has built an enviable reputation for service and support amongst its customer base.

Claricall is headquartered in Ipswich (UK) with offices in London, Dubai and Sydney.

For further information, visit Claricall website