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Monday, 27th July 2015

IQSIM launches “Claricall PayAsUGo”, a new managed service to re-invent the Call Termination business

Sophia Antipolis, France - July 23rd, 2015 – iQsim launches today “Claricall PayAsUGo”, a new managed service for Call Terminators/ITSP who is looking to start new operations or grow and extend their existing Call Termination network.

As part of this offering, iQsim provides GSM Gateways, SIM Racks, IRON Suite SIM Server and ViBE VPN technology as a service based on a monthly fee.

Customers can now concentrate on managing SIM cards and trading minutes while iQsim takes care of the infrastructure.

  “With the new Claricall PayAsUGo offer, customers do not need to invest on equipment upfront anymore. They just pay a monthly fee for the service on demand. It is a no fixed term contract which is a major step forward” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim.

iQsim re-inforces its position as a pioneer in SIM Server technology and GSM Gateways not to forget the well-respected technologies of HBS (Human Behaviour Simulation), Call Manager or more recently IRON eVS.

“Selling SIM Servers and GSM Gateways has been at the forefront of our core business and our know-how for more than a decade, introducing the managed services such as Claricall PayAsUGo is the next evolution in our sales cycle and is an important milestone for iQsim. Our customers will be able to deploy faster quality termination routes thanks to our new innovating offering.” says Philippe.

iQsim launches several packs of Claricall PayAsUGo service from 32 ports to 128 ports. In addition to GSM Gateways, customers receives SIM Racks with a ratio of 6:1 SIM cards and access to a dedicated hosted IRON Suite All-In-One. The entire architecture is secured with the leading VPN solution, VIBE.

Security is of paramount importance when building a Call Termination Infrastructure over the Public Internet, for this reason we chose to integrate ViBE in our Claricall PayAsUGo service.  ViBE patented technology provides superior call quality, increased ASR and ACD, unequaled bandwidth optimization and the encryption required for running a professional Call Termination network safely.” says Yvon Le Gall, VP Sales of iQsim.

Full access to iQsim’s technical support and Call Termination experts is part of Claricall PayAsUGo.

“To ensure fast deployment of the service, we also provide our customers assistance to setup the right parameters and to maximize the benefits of our IRON eVS technology. Thus reducing the risk of a faulty configuration, quick enablement of the service and optimizing the initial investment, we create the conditions for a win-win situation” says Yvon.


 About iQsim
iQsim is the leading manufacturer of Mobile Routers on voice, SMS, data services for Call Termination and Mobile Communication markets.

Key benefits of iQsim’s mobile routers is to embed remote SIM technology which consist on deploying SIM-less mobile routers, centralizing SIM cards in a SIM Server and allocating those SIM cards dynamically to the mobile routers.

iQsim’s SIM Server technology manages the entire SIM cards life cycle (activation, usage control, balance check, recharge, limit enforcement) to protect and take the most out of your SIM cards.

iQsim is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris, London and Sao Paulo.

*ViBE is a brand of Voipex