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Friday, 18th December 2009

iQsim awarded “Prix de l’Innovation TIC PACA 2009”

iQsim has been awarded Prix de l’innovation TIC PACA 2009 for the R&D project with the best ROI (Return On Investment).

iQsim IRON Suite product is a modular and scalable platform which enables Service Providers and Operators to manage and deliver advanced telecom services for their customers.

“We are very proud to receive this award, which recognizes iQsim’s innovation and great teamwork during the last 9 months” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim.

“Our IRON Suite innovates by its highly modular and scalable architecture on a product which is suitable both for very small and large Services Providers. IRON Suite provides unique capabilities to provision, monitor and optimize services delivered by Service Providers to companies and end-users” says Philippe Bessaguet iQsim’s CEO.

The IRON Suite has been initially introduced to the Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) market to manage professionally mobile call termination offering. iQsim technology provides unique SIM management capabilities to control efficiently and securely a high number of SIM cards.

IQsim currently develops its sales activity to the mobile network QoS testing segment market. The IRON Suite eases the validation of telecoms services for end-users on a roaming situation.

About iQsim

European company founded in April 2009, iQsim designs software architecture to enable Service Providers and Operators to efficiently manage their telecommunication services.
iQsim flagship product, IRON Suite, is a set of 3 components packaged in appliances providing high scalability and redundancy:

  • IRON SIM Manager does intelligent provisioning on telecom applications and appliances,
  • IRON Call Manager controls telecom appliances access and usage,
  • IRON Profile Manager optimizes telecom resources usage with real-time analysis.

iQsim is headquartered in the south of France with offices in Paris and Mexico.

For further information, visit iQsim website