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Tuesday, 7th May 2019

The Iron Suite Test Manager : what a revolution for your mobile network tests

During the last past years, many of our customers using our mobile testing software complained about its technical complexity because it requires more and more programmatic skills.
Today, we are proud to announce the arrival of our new Iron Suite Test Manager, a more intuitive and graphic solution to create and send easily new types of mobile testings.

This new Test Manager is fully integrated in our Iron Suite software and make it a new ready-to-use solution with lots of unique features and benefits for regulators, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and Service Providers.


Why is this mobile testing software revolutionary?

“During those past five years, we have sold our testing solution to some of the biggest MNOs and MVNOs of the market”, Phillipe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim, explains. “But lots of our customers did not want to deal with the difficulty of testing redaction”.

So iQsim decided to answer this problem by developing an intuitive graphic solution with virtual SIM technology allowing SIM cards deportation.

An easier and reachable tool

Thanks to this mobile network testings editor, MNOs can easily schedule a testing campaign and get the results rapidly, and this, without any programmatic skills!

From now on, a MNO can easily check if calls, text messages, and other services are working properly during roaming. You can easily make your tests, no need for complex or programmatic scripts to run your tests: do it as easily as 1,2,3.


A significant time-bonus

The scheduler allows you to both plan and trigger several testings so you can spread and multiply mobile testings at the same time.
Testings can be regularly repeated with different SIM cards thanks to our virtual SIM card technology. This allows you to select the right SIM card(s) for the right test.

Once your testing campaigns are scheduled, you get the results and you can analyze them !
This time saving will allow MNOs to optimize the time-to-market of their new services, and this will make their consumers very happy !


A ready-to-use solution

This solution does not need any beforehand programming, it displays unique features and benefits to Regulators, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and to the Service Providers working with them.

This new Test Manager interface is part of our logic of optimizing customer service and experience in many ways:

  • Voice quality monitoring (PESQ / POLQA norms)
  • IREG Conformity testings between operators
  • Revenue guarantee / mobile billing services testings
  • Data speed tests
  • Bulk SMS testings
  • Availability of voice messaging settings
  • Mobile money monitoring tests
  • Mobile apps behaviour analysis
  • And so much more…


How does the IRON Test Manager component work?

This new component of the IRON Suite is a complete mobile network test editor, a test scheduler and an analyzer. All its functions are directly and fully integrated into the IRON Suite interface:

Screen of Test Manager Software


Let’s take an example: you are a French Mobile Network Operator and you want to test your abroad network coverage with the IRON Suite Test Manager. 


1. Test editor :

On the IRON Suite interface, no programming or scripting skills are required. You just need to define a name for your mobile network testings and give them a set of variables related to their geographical test area.
Testings are built by joining R2D2* commands result to construct a real high-level individualized test scenario.

 Edit the test


2. Scheduler :

The mobile operator can run multiple tests scenarios simultaneously and check the quality of the connection and the SMS deliverability, any day or night, directly in the place where the final consumer will be. All of those scenarios will be triggered at the time defined in the test manager.



3. Analyzer

Each test generates a report with its result and a CDR (Call Data Records) on each targeted Mobile Robot. This report can be easily downloaded for postprocessing.
If testings are not really conclusive, the operator can get in touch with their local partners (operators) to guarantee a good roaming operation. That’s it!



From a technical point of view :

To set up and make testings work on the interface, mobile network test Scripts are executed on iQsim Mobile Routers** 2G/3G/4G all over the world: R60, R250 and R400

Sim cards are stored into SIM racks and dynamically allocated to mobile robots depending on needs.
Therefore, the IRON Test Manager takes advantage of the R2D2 APIs and library embedded within any iQsim Mobile Robot to build complex tests scripts scenarios.

schema of Test Manager software
Data collecting schema gathered by routers (R250) via virtual Sim. All stored data are sent to Test Managers to create test scenarios.

This data feedback automation gives our Test Manager the possibility to create based-on-reality and reliable test scenarios, usable both by the operators and the companies using SIM technology.

Today, the iQsim solution is unique on the market. Service providers can build complete outbound roaming solutions, Revenue assurance solutions or also Fraud detection solutions. MNOs or MVNOs may also outsource some of their basic needs to Service Providers. Other additional services can be built using iQsim’s Mobile Testing Solution, like providing Messaging testing service (Text or MMS), Data capacity measurement, Micro Banking solutions, etc…

All of those features are numerous and varied! Only your own limits could stop your possibilities.

*API R2D2 : R2D2 API’s provides an extensive number of commands allowing to build any test scenarios for voice, SMS,
MMS, USSD, FTP, Email, HTTP, WAP including access to Carriers, Cells and SIM information.
**iQsim mobile routers : named R60 and R250, these mobile robots are “Virtual SIM” ready. They use Linus as the operating 
system and Bash and Python as command language.