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Tuesday, 21st September 2021

IQSIM announces 5G availability for its range of Mobile Robots

Sophia Antipolis, September 21st 2021 – iQsim announces the support of 5G within its range of Mobile Robots. The Mobile Robots are available in different configurations, from two up to eight modems, and can work in stand-alone mode or connected to the IQsim IRON Suite software. Using IRON suite enhances the capabilities of any iQsim Robot with remote SIM management and an extensive test environment for mobile networks capable of tests creation, edition and execution.

“Our Mobile Robots are used by some major MNOs and MVNOs to automatize the testing of QoS/QoE, revenue assurance, roaming agreements and network coverage” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of IQsim. “Based on remote SIM cards management, our Virtual SIM technology allows our customers to easily and quickly deploy and maintain their test infrastructure” explains Philippe.

 “Today, the burst of the 5G in most countries represents a challenge for our customers who used to test their 3G/4G infrastructures with the IQsim Mobile Robots. The high speed and the low latency of the 5G networks are vital to face the multiplication of connected objects (IoT) but also to support the emerging use cases such as Smart Cities, Tele-medicine or Cloud Robotics” mentions Yvon Le Gall, VP Sales & Marketing. “Not only the applications of the 5G are multiple but most of them are mission-critical which makes the testing particularly important.” adds Yvon.

 “With our new 5G robots, our clients can easily upgrade their test architecture in order to validate the new applications such as IOT or M2M and they can dimension their 5G infrastructure according to their business requirements ” concludes Philippe Bessaguet.


About iQsim
iQsim is the leading manufacturer of Mobile Routers on Voice, SMS, data services for Mobile Communications and Mobile Testing markets.

Key benefits of iQsim’s mobile routers is to embed remote SIM technology which consist on deploying SIM-less mobile routers, centralizing SIM cards in a SIM Server and allocating those SIM cards dynamically to the mobile routers.