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Monday, 27th September 2010

iQsim launches new SIM Flex product

iQsim announces today the general availability of its new SIM Flex product.

The iQsim SIM Flex is an intelligent SIM to USB connector providing the capability to separate physically a SIM card from a mobile terminal.

Mobile terminals can be deployed SIM less anywhere while SIM cards stay centrally stored in SIM racks. Through the use of iQsim SIM Server platform, IRON Suite, any SIM card can be provided through IP to the mobile terminal as if the SIM was locally inserted in the terminal.


The iQsim new SIM Flex is a key milestone for the company as this really reinforces iQsim leadership position as a virtual SIM technology vendor. “Our new SIM Flex targets new M2M market segments” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO.


One application of the SIM Flex is to connect probes and sensors to iQsim SIM Server platform to facilitate QoS testing of mobile services offered by a MNO (Mobile Network Operator) on a roaming situation. More generally, iQsim provides a generic virtual SIM solution to M2M (Machine-to-Machine) vertical applications and market.

“Make virtual SIM technology simple and accessible on new M2M market segment, this is our objective. Our value proposal is more than virtual SIM technology, connected to our IRON Suite, mobile terminals take advantage of valuable features such as device and price plan managements” says Philippe.

iQsim SIM Flex embeds powerful algorithms to accommodate the communication with the physical SIM on IP based on IP bandwidth constraints and SIM capabilities.

Based on the quality and bandwidth of the IP connectivity, the SIM Flex adapts itself to minimize the level of data exchanged with the real SIM.


“Our Virtual SIM platform has been recognized as innovative, powerful and flexible” – Many ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) use it daily to manage 10s of thousands SIM cards for terminating international calls” says Laurent Lhermitte, Vice-President Sales & Marketing.

“We are developing partnership with companies which innovate on complementary technologies. Our block is Virtual SIM Technology and through our iQsim API we are cementing our block with others to create a real value-added chain to market” says Laurent.


About iQsim

European company founded in 2009, iQsim is leading provider of SIM Server platform and Virtual SIM technologies. iQsim IRON Suite is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of gateways and machine-to-machine devices.

iQsim’s value is to propose innovative solutions on the mobile call termination, mobile Qos testing and M2M (machine to machine) markets.

The company is headquarted in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris (France) and Mexico City (Mexico).

For further information, visit iQsim website