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Monday, 18th October 2010

“Plateforme Télécom” pre-selected by the French Industry Ministry in the national bid for innovative platform

The “Plateforme Télécom” (PFT), a collaborative project involving innovative SMEs such as iQsim as well as industrial leaders and famous laboratories, has been recently pre-selected in the bid for Innovative Platform Project by French Industry Ministry.


The PFT will propose a platform to companies which need to develop new products, new concepts or services on the areas of “future mobile network and services” and “Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications and services”.

In addition the PFT will bring test, evaluation and development tools enabling companies to access and play with future mobile and M2M technologies.

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iQsim, as PFT consortium member, will bring to the PFT its expertise in virtual SIM technology as well as the capability to test pre-deployment of M2M large solution by simulating and managing probes and sensors’ networks.

The company flagship product, IRON Suite, is a SIM server platform which enables mobile operators to test the quality of services and applications they deploy worldwide.


“We appreciate that the consortium has been pre-selected as all together we really concentrates innovation, knowhow and motivation to build a strong and powerful platform.

We are looking forward to participate actively in this major project which would allow us to enforce our innovative positioning and our strategy on the M2M market” said Philippe Bessaguet (iQsim’s Chief Executive Officer).


Indeed, last month, iQsim attended the OCOVA 2010 forum (Communicating Objects and Value Creation) where it presented current and future applications of its virtual SIM technology for the M2M market.


According to Laurent Lhermitte, iQsim’s Vice-President Sales & Marketing, “It is a real opportunity for the company to leverage business and technology partnerships within M2M market space. We are pleased to bring our knowledge to the Plateforme Télécom.”


About iQsim

European company founded in April 2009, iQsim is the leading provider of SIM Server platform and Virtual SIM technologies. iQsim IRON Suite is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of gateways and M2M devices.

The company is headquartered in the south of France with offices in Paris and Mexico.

For further information, visit iQsim website