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Tuesday, 21st December 2010

iQsim launches today its new SMS Termination solution

iQsim SMS Termination Solution  applications include Call Centers, Service Providers Bulk SMS and Marketing Communication market.

« We supplement our product by offering now both Call and SMS Termination on IRON Suite  » says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. “Our customers will be able to grow their business anId revenue by using the same platform and the same SIM cards both for terminating Call and SMS”


iQsim SIM Server technology enables mobile terminals to be deployed SIMless anywhere while SIM cards stay centrally stored in SIM Racks. Any SIM card can be allocated through IP to mobile terminals as if the SIM was locally inserted in the terminal.

Finally, IRON Suite ensures the best SIM selection and usage depending on SIM cards country, mobile operator or remaining balance.

“Compared to competition, we bring to the table key features such as SMS notification management, a  comprehensive XML API  as well as capability to manage easily millions of SMS thanks to IRON Suite scalability and redundancy” says Philippe.


Any GSM port can manage calls, send SMS or receive SMS notifications. SMS notifications can be received at any time even days after SMS were emitted. The IRON Suite offers an easy-to-use XML API to communicate with any external SMS application software.

“The most representative value of our SMS solution is the selection of the best SIM card independently for SMS and Call Termination Services . The SMS Termination solution is also available on our Hosting SAAS platform to enable new customers to test and adopt it” says Laurent Lhermitte, Vice-President Sales & Marketing."


This new solution provides a lot of benefits for Service Providers who look after new market segments such as: Bulk SMS, Mass-Market, Service Providers, Call Centers or Marketing and Communication Business.





European company founded in 2009, iQsim is leading provider of SIM Server platform and Virtual SIM technologies. iQsim IRON Suite is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of gateways and machine-to-machine devices.

iQsim’s value is to propose innovative solutions on the mobile voice and data termination, Mobile QoS Testing  and M2M (machine to machine)  markets.

The company is headquarted in Sophia-Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris (France) Mexico City (Mexico) and Miami FL (USA).


For further information, visit iQsim website