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Tuesday, 15th February 2011

iQsim launches “Smart SIM Rack” product during MWC

Barcelona, Spain


iQsim announces today the general availability of the Smart SIM Rack.

The Smart SIM Rack is a Virtual SIM Management platform designed for network QoS testing and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) deployment validation.

On a single unit, “ready-to-go”, the Smart SIM Rack offers SIM storage, SIM allocation control as well as an advanced API to integrate with third party applications.

iQsim’s Virtual SIM technology enables mobile terminals to be deployed SIM-less anywhere while SIM cards remain centrally stored in SIM racks. Any SIM card can be allocated on-demand to mobile terminals as if the SIM was locally inserted in the terminal.

 “Our Smart SIM Rack includes a complete API which enables Mobile Network Operators to properly integrate Virtual SIM Management with their test servers. Our API offers device management, SIM allocation and price plan control: these functionalities are key for a MNO to perform appropriate tests with appropriates SIM cards and then guarantee QoS to their customers” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO.

The Smart SIM Rack stores and centralizes SIM cards. With the IRON technology included, it can also manage SIM control and allocation manually, automatically or through the XML API.

 “With the Smart SIM Rack, we go one step further by providing the capability to publish SIM Management and device management to upper application layers and this reinforces iQsim’s positioning as an innovative technology provider on the M2M market.” says Philippe.

The configuration is done easily through an intuitive web interface.

The Smart SIM Rack can be packaged with iQsim SIM Flex in order to bring Virtual SIM capabilities to any GSM devices such as sensors or probes.

The Smart SIM Rack is tailored to QoS and test markets. With our advanced API, we aim to develop partnership with ISV in order to bring end-to-end test solution to Mobile Operators” says Laurent Lhermitte, VP Sales & Marketing.

About iQsim

European company founded in 2009, iQsim is leading provider of SIM Server platform and Virtual SIM technologies. iQsim IRON Suite is a highly scalable and redundant software architecture providing huge benefits while managing large number of gateways and machine-to-machine devices.

iQsim’s value is to propose innovative solutions on the mobile voice and data termination, mobile QoS testing and M2M (machine to machine) markets.

The company is headquarted in Sophia-Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris (France) Mexico City (Mexico) and Miami FL (USA).