Mobile Routers

iQsim 60


 iQsim 60 is a compact  telecom device which can embeds up to two 3G or 4G modems.

The iQsim 60 supports natively iQsim VSIM technology through its soldered 3G modem : this enables SIM cards to be stored centrally on SIM Racks and allocated on demand to the iQsim 60 device.

All Mobile services are supported such as Voice, Data and SMS. In additional to connectivity to Mobile networks, the iQsim 60 provides 1 Ethernet and 1 USB interfaces.

Designed to be mobile, the M60 is ideal for remote location internet access, in-vehicle deployment.

The iQsim 60 platform is available with 2 types of software configuration:

    Mobile Robot (R60) : to automate voice/SMS and data tests on Mobile network or to provide on-demand bandwidth for M2M applications;
    4G Router for High Speed Internet (MR60) : Provide high speed internet access to users through a WiFi interface for homes, boats or buses.

  • “VSIM enabled” Mobile router
  • Designed for in-vehicle or residential houses deployment
  • Small Form Factor
  • Data/Voice (3G/VoLTE)/SMS Support
  • Up to 2 GSM ports (3G/4G)
  • SIP, SMPP, Scripting API
  • Data connection bonding for High Speed Internet
  • WiFi