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Data Roaming

Internet access for Travelers

Stay connected when you travel and keep the freedom to check your emails, browse the web, post your favorite picture on social medias whenever you need without worrying about data roaming cost….this is what travelers are looking for today.

However, the high cost of data roaming causes more than 50% of them to become silent roamers because users are fearing to receive a high bill and prefer not to activate the service of data abroad.

Many company such as data service providers, travel agencies are looking for simple and cost-effective solution to provide flexible data services to travelers.

iQsim data roaming solution based on its patented Virtual SIM technology is the ideal solution.

The solution is based on 3 components:

  • IRON Suite software infrastructure, which manages devices and SIM cards;
  • SIM racks which stores physical local SIM cards;
  • VSIM-enabled Mobile WiFi hotspots.

Travelers are equipped with VSIM-enabled Mobile WiFi hotspot. When they switch on their mobile hotspot, a SIM card chosen by the  is allocated dynamically to the device based on the hotspot location and they can connect on the internet at a “local cost”.


  • Avoid data roaming charges for travelers
  • Automatic selection of the best SIM card depending on visiting country
  • Simplified logistic with a SIM-less MiFi router
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