SIM Server

IRON SIM Server One

All-in-One SIM Server

iQsim’s IRON SIM Server One is a unique “all-in-one” stand-alone product, providing the range, depth and intelligence of the IRON Suite SIM Server technology and SIM card storage in one product.

Combined with iQsim’s 250/400 routers, the IRON SIM Server One delivers a complete solution to build a secured, small to medium Call and SMS termination network.

Similarly, to a SIM Rack 256, the IRON SIM Server One can be fitted with up to 16 SIM boards, each containing up to 16 SIM cards to manage up to 256 SIM cards in total.

In addition, the IRON SIM Server One manages all the life-time cycle of SIM cards. It allocates SIM card to Mobile devices, manages SIM cards credit/recharge and ensure that SIM card rules are enforced for a better protection.

The IRON SIM Server One offers a subset of functions available on the IRON Suite product for a limited number of Mobile devices and SIM cards.

  • Ready-to-Go SIM Server (no additional server required);
  • IRON Suite Technology for small-to-medium size networks
  • Integrated Capacity of 256 SIMs cards;
  • Hot swappable SIM Tray
  • SIM card control by Price Plan (allocation, credit management, protection)
  • Can stack several Racks for higher SIM capacity