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M2M/IoT Networks

Optimize SIM Data Plans

SIM card management for a iOT/M2M network may be very complex especially due to Mobility. 

In-vehicule systems need 100% cellular data coverage regardless Mobile Operator network availability which may require SIM card change. Some type of applications such as Video, Streaming, Security require high data bandwidth for a short period of time. However, you do not want to pay high-end SIM price plans for thoise usages. 

Roaming charges is also a challenge in deploying M2M Mobile applications as no one want to pay those fees for Mobile M2M application deployed in trucks, buses or boats which cross borders and offer services such as public WiFi services, private data Mobile networks.

iQsim's Virtual SIM technology brings flexibility to M2M/iOT networks deployment for vehicle fleets, Smart City, Transportation applications by adding the capability to change on-demandy SIM card allocated to a Mobile device.

The solution is based on 3 components:

  • IRON Suite software infrastructure, which manages devices and SIM cards;
  • SIM racks which stores physical local SIM cards;
  • VSIM-enabled M2M Mobile devices  (Third-Party or iQsim).

  • Shared SIM Plan for a IoT network
  • On-demand Data Plan Aggregation for high speed applications
  • Avoid Roaming charges on M2M applications

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