SIM Server

IRON Suite

Open Virtual SIM Platform

The IRON Suite is a set of software components which all together provide a unique redundant and scalable Virtual SIM Management platform.

All IRON Suite components are delivered as VMWare image.

The central component of the IRON Suite is the SIM Manager which manages SIM cards allocation to VSIM-enable Mobile devices. The SIM Manager is a rich set of SIM plan centric features which enables to fully manage SIM cards once they get inserted into SIM Racks.

As a complement of the SIM Manager, specific components such as the Service Controller and the SMS Manager can be added to provides Call and SMS routing applications.

On top of the SIM Manager, the IRON Suite provides a complete API, XiQs which enables third-party applications to fully control the IRON Suite.

IRON Suite’s components are fully redundant and can be duplicated to offer greater scalability.

  • Fully Scalable & Redundant SIM Server
  • Manage SIM Card Allocation to VSIM-Enabled devices
  • Modular architecture to grow as you need
  • Manage up to 100 000 devices and associated SIM cards
  • Manage hundreds of SIM Racks
  • Documented API to interface with 3rd party application/billing…