SIM Rack

SIM Rack 256

SIM Card Storage

As a key element of the iQsim Open Virtual SIM Platform, the SIM Rack 256 stores physical SIM cards which can then be virtually allocated on demand to VSIM-enabled Mobile devices.

The SIM Rack 256 can be fitted with up to 16 SIM boards, each containing up to 16 SIM cards to manage up to 256 SIM cards in total. The SIM rack 256 supports SIM/USIM cards for Mobile applications and SAM cards for M2M security/e-ticketing applications

Connectivity with the iQsim SIM Server is established through a secure TCP/IP connection on its Ethernet interface.

Centralizing SIM cards in SIM Racks is an effective solution in order to store SIM cards in a secure place, swap them quickly and easily according to your business needs.

  • Sharing SIM cards across multiple Mobile Device
  • Small Foot-print (2U for 256 SIM cards)
  • Easy SIM swap thanks to iQsim SIM Tray
  • Hot swappable SIM Tray
  • SIM, USIM, SAM Support
  • Can stack several Racks for higher SIM capacity