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The iQsim M11 Mobile WiFi router provides data connection at local rate worldwide.

Together with the iQsim Virtual SIM infrastructure, the M11 Mobile WiFi router enables to deliver a cost-effective internet access service to travelers around the world without data roaming fee. With iQsim MIFI router, Data Service Providers, Travel agencies can provide a cost-effective value-added service to travelers by renting or selling them a universal MiFi router to use data abroad such as they do in their home country.

The iQsim M11 enables up to devices to share an internet connection over a Mobile network.

No need to worry about roaming cost, whatever the country where you are traveling, once you switch on the iQsim M11 device, it will give you access to Internet at the lowest price.

  • Simplified Logistic with iQsim M11 SIM-less router
  • No roaming cost with iQsim VSIM technology
  • OEM Casing customization on-demand
  • 18 hours usage time battery
  • 150Mbps download speed
  • 3G/4G Worldwide frequencies
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