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For an enterprise or an operator, managing a large number of SIM cards in GSM devices located in different locations, can become a complex and cumbersome process associated with a non-negligible risk of the theft.

Each time a different SIM is required in a GSM device, it means someone has to manually swap the existing SIM with the new one, which means the availability on site of both the SIM card and the person to make the change.

Changing SIM cards can quickly become a cumbersome process that mobilizes resources, making it expensive and inefficient.

iQsim's Virtual SIM solution allows to host SIM cards in a central site and allocate them to the appropriate GSM physical device when required.


Virtual SIM Technology


Local SIM for Data Roaming

Local SIM for international roaming is used as a way to significantly reduce the cost of data communication while abroad. This type of service is used by service providers targeting tourists or business travellers or for specific communities such as transport, travel agencies …

SIM virtualization particularly fits with this application to avoid manipulation of local Data SIM cards for a fleet of Mobile Wifi routers. In this case, the Data SIM cards are centrally managed into some SIM racks located in various locations across the world.

Mobile Testing

 Mobile robots combined with SIM virtualization allow mobile operators to build a powerful test environment with GSM devices spread all across their network and allocating SIM cards on demand directly from automated test scenarios.