Mercredi 9 Mars 2016

iQsim introduces the M250, the first ever 3G/4G Mobile Gateway

Miami Coral Gables (FL), USA

iQsim announces today the launch of its new 4/8 ports 3G Mobile Gateway, the M250, a Mobile Gateway for Call termination and Bulk SMS applications.

iQsim’s M250 is ideal for in-vehicle or residential houses field deployment and is the first ever Mobile Gateway with internet access over LTE.

The M250 Gateway is a compact size, fan-less GSM Gateway with up to 8 UMTS/3G ports and embeds ViBE client for VPN and optimized ASR/ACD. Internet connectivity is provided by two Ethernet ports or a 4G/ LTE connection.

“The termination market is in constant evolutions, our R&D team is working hard to innovate and keep iQsim as the leader manufacturer on this market segment: Last december, we announced the support of HBS Data in our SIM Server, today we are launching the M250 which is really the gateway the market is asking for” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO. “Compact, Fan-less, Internet connection over LTE, Termination with premium-class 3G modems: this is really the first ever true mobile gateway on the market. With the M250, iQsim is still a step-ahead of all competitors” Philippe said.

The M250 inherits all features from the well-known M400 gateway and is fully compatible with iQsim’s SIM Server, IRON Suite, for SIM cards management. IRON Suite controls SIM Allocation, SIM usage and SIM protection to ensure the SIM cards longevity and security.

 “We have very good feedback from our customers: The M250 gateway size, the weight (1.25 kg) are very convenient for logistics, importation and deployment” says Yvon Le Gall, VP Sales. “Every day we discuss with our customers to understand their needs, difficulties, ideas: this is key to drive our evolutions, new products …. We are committed to their success which is our success!” Yvon says.

iQsim’s new M250 will be presented at the AWC show in Miami this week and at ITW in Chicago later in May.