Samedi 1 Octobre 2016

IQSIM announces distribution agreement with FL-Connect

iQsim announces a worldwide sole distribution agreement with FL-Connect Telecom Solutions GmbH, for the renowned voice termination range of products IRON Suite.

Both companies have been long-time leaders on this market segment. iQsim was a pioneer in the SIM protection features by designing the HBS (Human Behavior Simulation) software more than 10 years ago while FL-Connect has been acquiring an extensive knowledge of the international markets for the past fifteen years. With this alliance, customers will benefit from the most advanced technology combined to a strong market expertise. 

"In the voice termination industry, FL-Connect has been a key player for so many years that the company acquired an unequaled expertise, covering most of the countries. Our customers are looking for a global partner who could help them in their international expansion" says Yvon le Gall, VP Sales of iQsim.

"FL-Connect is very proud to team-up with iQsim to offer a secured and reliable service to the market. SIM protection is now the major challenge of our customers. Sims can only be protected with a combination of hard/software and know-how. It became natural that we base our competence on the cutting-edge IRON Suite technology" says Sandeep Kumar, VP Sales of FL-Connect Telecom Solutions GmbH. "The iQsim products combined with our expertise will be a killer differentiator in this fast-moving arena."


iQsim and FL-Connect shall initially targets customers who want to deploy a strong architecture with a high level of protection for their SIM cards, locations and their business in general.


iQsim is the leading manufacturer of Mobile Routers on voice, SMS, data services for Mobile Communications and Mobile Testing markets.

Key benefits of iQsim’s mobile routers is to embed remote SIM technology which consist on deploying SIM-less mobile routers, centralizing SIM cards in a SIM Server and allocating those SIM cards dynamically to the mobile routers.

iQsim is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris, Sao Paulo.



For over 15 years, FL-Connect has empowered the global wholesale Voice industry with its products and services. In the past two years, FL-Connect has invested in technology to prevent most of today´s GSM Gateway business challenges.

FL-Connect´s flagship product, the “Simprotector” is the only working SIM protection solution in the market.

FL-Connect is headquartered in Vienna, with a Sales and Support office in Dubai. For further information, visit FL-Connect website.