Jeudi 2 Février 2017

IQSIM annonce la disponibilité de son routeur M10 incluant sa technologie de carte SIM virtuelle

iQsim announces the availability of its Mobile WIFI router M10, an off-the-shelf device supporting its Patented Virtual SIM (VSIM) technology. This new M10 uses optimized 4G modems for providing a cost-effective worldwide data roaming service by accessing to local data SIM cards all across the world.

“The last two years, our company provided its expertise and its technology in VSIM products to many customers who developed their own Mobile WiFi router” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim. “But due to the complexity of such a development, many companies asked iQsim to provide a ready-to-use router so that they could minimize the time-to-market to launch their data roaming offerings” explains Philippe.

“The M10 customers are service providers who will resell Mobile WiFi routers to other companies such as travel agencies, hotel chains, but also to some major corporations to equip frequent travelers such as executives, sales people or consultants” mentions Yvon Le Gall, VP Sales & Marketing. “The market of Data Roaming is huge because the need to be connected to social networks, instant messaging systems or remote databases has dramatically increased over the last years” adds Yvon.

“Last but not least, iQsim offers a highly customizable router so that our customers can really differentiate by having their own packaging, casing, control screen and management interface. Moreover, iQsim does provide a complete solution on top of M10 Mobile WiFi routers which includes the network infrastructure, roaming SIM cards, the system management and the Data SIM card provisioning so that our customers can start very quickly which is key when you target an emerging market” concludes Philippe Bessaguet.


About iQsim

iQsim is the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled mobile devices.
The iQsim’s Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage in the Cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices.
Main benefits are to share SIM cards across multiple devices and to always use the most appropriate SIM card.
Applications are data roaming for travelers, mobile testing, mobile communication and IOT/M2M SIM card provisioning/deployment.
The company HQ is in Sophia-Antipolis, France with Sales offices in Paris (France) and São Paulo (Brazil).