Lundi 27 Juillet 2015

IQSIM launches “Claricall PayAsUGo”, a new managed service to re-invent the Call Termination business

As part of this offering, iQsim provides GSM Gateways, SIM Racks, IRON Suite SIM Server and ViBE VPN technology as a service based on a monthly fee.

Lundi 13 Juillet 2015

IQSIM presents its virtual SIM application for MIFI routers at Mobile World Congress, in Shanghai, July 15-17

This patented architecture based on iQsim’s Enhanced Virtual SIM Technology (eVS) enables operators to provide data services across the globe to end-users at a previously unachievable cost.

Jeudi 21 Mai 2015

iQsim announces cooperation with Tranglo to introduce and deploy International Airtime Topup (IAT) service to its clients.

Lundi 20 Avril 2015

iQsim presents its Data Roaming Solution for Services Providers at MVNO World Congress, in Nice Acropolis, April 21-23.

Mercredi 11 Mars 2015

iQsim and Claricall announce the launch of IRON Cloud Services, the first hosted SIM server on the market

Claricall and iQsim are key players in the voice infrastructure management and both companies have been partnering for many years by embedding the iQsim equipment with the Vibe technology of Claricall.