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WiFi Transport Public

Dans les Bus, Train, Yacht

Transport vehicles such as buses, trains or boats require fast broadband access to deliver services to passengers and to enable fleet monitoring.

A 4G mobile router installed in a vehicle delivers on-board WiFi for passengers as well as infotainment and real-time information. In addition, on-board internet connectivity enables live CCTV, real-time fleet monitoring and bulk data transfer for maintenance.

iQsim Public Transport WiFi solution is based on its 4G mobile routers combined with Virtual SIM technology.

iQsim Virtual SIM technology eases in-vehicle applications deployment by providing the capability to dynamically change SIM cards.

4G Mobile routers are deployed SIM-less and SIM cards are allocated to the router based on localization, time of the day, cellular data coverage and SIM cards price plans.

iQsim Virtual SIM technology provides key differentiators in the service delivered:

  • Increased Security: avoid SIM card theft or misuse.
  • Deployment Flexibility: No need to install SIM cards in mobile routers at installation time.
  • SIM cards data plan shared across vehicles: SIM cards are shared as a pool across vehicles which is more cost-effective, no need to dedicate SIM cards on vehicle not in service.
  • Avoid roaming charges for trucks, buses or boats which cross borders.
  • Dynamically increase broadband access throughput by bonding multiple 4G channels on-demand.

 The solution is based on 3 components:

  • VSIM-enabled 4G Mobile router ;
  • IRON Suite software infrastructure, managing routers and SIM cards;
  • SIM racks storing physical local SIM cards.

WiFi for Public Transit

  • Partage d'un pool de cartes SIM entre véhicules avec la technologie de cartes SIM virtuelles
  • Très Haut débit en agrégeant plusieurs connexion 4G
  • Pas de frais d'itinérance lorsque l'on change de pays

Ressources connexes

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Rack de cartes SIM
Rack de stockage de carte SIM pour plateforme de carte SIM virtuelle d'iQsim IRON Suite.
IRON Suite
Gestion de cartes SIM déportées
L'IRON Suite est une suite logicielle permettant de gérer l'allocation de cartes SIM virtuelles vers des routeurs mobile