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Monday, 15th March 2010

iQsim announces availability of its IRON Suite version 1.20

iQsim will announce today the availability of its IRON Suite version 1.20.
The IRON Suite is a scalable software platform enabling Service Providers to efficiently manage their telecommunication services.

Key features introduced in the version 1.20 are the capability to partition a mobile devices network, multi-level delegated administration and sophisticated network quality measurement.

“The IRON Suite new partitioning feature enables our customers to host the IRON Suite and resell it on a SaaS model. They can offer the SIM Management control and expertise to smallest service providers just focused on operating GSM devices” says Philippe Bessaguet, iQsim CEO.

Starting on version 1.20, the IRON Suite can be partitioned to manage separately different GSM device networks in total privacy. A powerful and intuitive web interface enables efficient delegated administration.

“Network quality measurement is key for Mobile Call Termination. Our customers need to have a product which proactively controls the quality and which can take decisions on its own to adjust call flows based on cellular tower peak hour’s saturation, IP congestion or hardware failure.” This is what the new IRON Suite version does, says Philippe Bessaguet.

iQsim IRON Suite 1.20 includes real-time Answer Seize Ratio (ASR) and Average Call Duration (ACD) controls. When the IRON Suite detects a device or a SIM card which underperforms, it dynamically makes adjustments to ensure high quality of services.

“This release is a significant step for the company. This enforces iQsim’s leadership on providing SIM Server platforms to Service Providers and enables them to operate smoothly a large number of SIM cards remotely” says Laurent Lhermitte, iQsim VP Sales & Marketing.

About iQsim

European company founded in April 2009, iQsim designs software architecture to enable Service Providers and Operators to efficiently manage their telecommunication services.
iQsim flagship product, IRON Suite, is a set of 3 components packaged in appliances providing high scalability and redundancy:

  • IRON SIM Manager does intelligent provisioning on telecom applications and appliances,
  • IRON Call Manager controls telecom appliances access and usage,
  • IRON Profile Manager optimizes telecom resources usage with real-time analysis.

iQsim is headquartered in the south of France with offices in Paris and Mexico.

For further information, visit iQsim website