iQsim is the leading provider of Open Virtual SIM Platform and VSIM enabled mobile devices.
The iQsim's Virtual SIM patented technology enables central SIM cards storage in the Cloud and on-demand allocation of the SIM cards to mobile devices.
Main benefits are to share SIM cards accross multiple devices and to always use the most appropriate SIM card.
Applications are data roaming for travelers, mobile testing, mobile communication and IOT/M2M SIM card provisioning/deployment.

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Products & solutions

iQsim 250
2-8 ports router 2G/3G/4G
Mobile Router with up to 8 modems (2G/3G/4G) for Voice, SMS and Data testing and communications
VSIM Mobile HotSpot
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot router with VSIM technology which provides worldwide internet access at a local cost
iQsim 400
4 to 16 ports router 2G/3G
Voice and SMS Gateway for Mobile communication and testing


Virtual SIM

For an enterprise or an operator, managing a large number of SIM cards in GSM devices located in different locations, can become a complex and cumbersome process associated with a non-negligible risk of the theft.

Technology: Virtual SIM


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