Lundi 13 Juillet 2015

IQSIM presents its virtual SIM application for MIFI routers at Mobile World Congress, in Shanghai, July 15-17

IQSIM presents its virtual SIM application for MIFI routers at Mobile World Congress, in Shanghai, July 15-17

Sophia Antipolis, 10 July 2015 – iQsim will present its Data Roaming Solution for Services Providers at the MWC, in Shanghai, from July 15th until 17th.  This patented architecture based on iQsim’s Enhanced Virtual SIM Technology (eVS) enables operators to provide data services across the globe to end-users at a previously unachievable cost. In addition, Carriers may also use the solution for QoS testing, roaming agreements or revenue assurance testing, using iQsim’s mobile Robot.

“Our customers have to manage a huge amount of SIM cards in different locations which is a complex and cumbersome process: expensive and risky, at the same time.” says Philippe Bessaguet, CEO of iQsim. SIM cards virtualization can efficiently help operators to host their SIM cards in a single location and allocate them, on-the-fly, to remote GSM devices on request.

Now, iQsim is also helping operators to launch brand new services such as low-cost international data roaming for frequent travelers or tourists. “With the globalization of the business, the frequent travelers dramatically increased and they have strong requirements for staying connected with their business. In parallel, the flow of international tourists is also growing with a need for connection via instant chats or social networks. China is clearly a targeted market to develop more business using our SIM virtualization technology. We already have major customers in the country who have launched new services and new MIFI devices by using our technology” says Yvon Le Gall, VP Sales of iQsim.

MWC Shanghai will be the opportunity for Asian companies to meet with iQsim and to understand the benefits of iQsim’s solutions for their business.

About iQsim

iQsim is the leading manufacturer of Mobile Routers on voice, SMS, data services for Mobile Communications and Mobile Testing markets.

Key benefits of iQsim’s mobile routers is to embed remote SIM technology which consist on deploying SIM-less mobile routers, centralizing SIM cards in a SIM Server and allocating those SIM cards dynamically to the mobile routers.

iQsim is headquartered in Sophia Antipolis (France) with offices in Paris, London and Sao Paulo. For further information, visit iQsim website