Mobile Routers
VSIM Mobile HotSpot
Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot router with VSIM technology which provides worldwide internet access at a local cost
iQsim 40
4G/5G Router
4G/5G Mobile Router to provide Mobile Internet connectivity for residentials, remote sites, boats or industrial sites.
iQsim 60
The iQsim 60 is a 3G/4G Mobile Router for Voice, SMS and Data testing and communications
iQsim 250
2-8 ports router 3G/4G/5G
Mobile Router with up to 8 modems (3G/4G/5G) for Voice, SMS and Data testing and communications
SIM Rack
SIM Rack 256
SIM Card Storage
The SIM Rack 256 stores local SIM card to be used in VSIM enabled devices
SIM Server
IRON SIM Server One
All-in-One SIM Server
The IRON Sim Server One combines SIM card storage and entry-level SIM Server functionalities
IRON Suite
Open Virtual SIM Platform
The IRON Suite manages Virtual SIM card allocation to VSIM devices and SIM cards control and monitoring